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my online CV

my name is James and you can contact me on



i am typical an animator but i can create any kind of master piece.

past experience

i have made all kinds of projects for my collage and a lot of them have been showcased in the (my work )  page along side other work i have done out of collage for other people and for my self i am planning continuing my animated series along side working for other people and creating small projects for myself. currently i have done three sites one for the caravan transport company called wilcos and another two page portfolio site to showcase music and this one all of the images and all of the content you see in this site like backgrounds are all done by me this site is 100% me.

ihave done four music videos one with a musician called Charlie Mann, one that i have created form animated series called potato people you can check that out on the link under animations. i have done one for Jacson John the musician. and i have created one that is on the (my work) page on the site called Ethan.

i have done small animated GIF for people one including a small back-flip, which is on the site.

alongside many others.

my social media presences under the name of potatopeople or jhmedia isn’t to strong but i plan to change that in the up coming years i am being more active on social media and showing my work and doing work for other people more often.

if needed i can speak one other language witch is Bulgarian

work, i have worked in teams before and in a media production setting i can work from home and i have all of the equipment i also work part time the moment to keep on my feet but hope to be a full time creator one day.

grades. in media level 2


web design :merit

audio engineering: distinction

video editing: distinction

overall level 2 grade: distinction



maths: c

English: c

art: A

drama: A

history: c


level 3 media:

coming soon

i prefer to use adobe applications to do my work however i am adaptable to other software.



software that i am good and confident with are adobe animate CC, premier pro, muse, after effects, Photoshop and audition.

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